About the Complete Speed & Power Summit

I’m happy to announce the Athletes Acceleration 2017 Complete Speed & Power Summit and let you know that we added 3 locations this year! We will be in La Verne, CA, Tinton Falls, NJ and Bloomington, IN.

The Complete Speed & Power Summit is 2 full days of athlete building and training education put together from the top speed and power development coaches around.

We wanted to put together a complete FOCUSED event for coaches and trainers that work with speed and power athletes. There are too many events that are all over the place and have maybe one or two sessions on speed. The problem is, they don't dive in and get deep into the topics.

Athletes Acceleration grabbed the top coaches in speed and power...the coaches that COACH EVERY DAY (you know what I'm talking about - you see other 'coaches' who speak on tour but haven't coached an actual athlete in years). Besides the in-depth presentations you will get on developing faster and more explosive athletes, we will actually be able to get into performing these topics. Having this event at sports performance facilities allows us to do hands-on sessions. The first half of each day will be the lecture component then the second half of the day will be the hands-on.

With this line-up of in-the-trenches coaches, and seeing how they coach you and take you through their drills & exercises, is going to be an amazing experience.

Each location is limited to the number of coaches that can attend. Since we are using actual sports performance facilities and want to keep the hands-on sessions small so you can participate and ask questions, we have to limit the amount of attendees. Register now so you can secure and guarantee your spot.

Top Speakers

Duane Carlisle


Lee Taft

California, New Jersey, Indiana

Nicole Rodriguez

New Jersey

Adam Feit

California, New Jersey

Dave Gleason

New Jersey, Indiana

Wil Fleming

California, New Jersey, Indiana

Jim Kielbaso


Bobby Smith

California, New Jersey, Indiana

Robert Dos Remedios

California, New Jersey, Indiana

Justin Kavanaugh


Dr. Chris Mohr


Program Schedule


7:30am-8:30am - Registration (we start right at 8:30am)

8:30am - Robert Dos Remedios - Programming for Power (CA,NJ,IN)

9:45am - Adam Feit - Power Training for Athletes, Not Lifters (CA,NJ)

10:15am – Dave Gleason - Creating Your Culture (IN)

11:00am - Duane Carlisle - How to Maximize Running a Fast 40 Yard Dash (CA)

11:00am - Nicole Rodriguez - Why Simple Wins: A Checklist for Linear Speed (NJ)

11:00am - Jim Kielbaso -Training Maximum Velocity (IN)

12:15pm - Justin Kavanaugh - Art of Coaching (CA)

12:15am – Dave Gleason - Creating Your Culture (NJ)

12:15pm - Dr. Chris Mohr - Nutrition for Speed & Power Athletes (IN)

1:00pm-2pm - Lunch on your own

2pm - 5pm - Hands-On (rotating sessions with morning presenters)

8:00pm - Social (Hang out with the presenters and attendees at the social. There will be an Open Bar from 8:00pm-10:00pm)


7:30am – 8:15am - Optional Workout

8:30am – 9:00am - Registration

9:00am – Lee Taft - How To Develop An Eye For Assessing And Teaching Speed (CA, NJ, IN)

10:15am – Wil Fleming - Principles and Methods for Creating Explosive Athletes (CA, NJ, IN)

11:30 – Bobby Smith - Dynamic Warm-Up for Speed & Power Athletes (CA, NJ, IN)

12:30 - Lunch on your own

2:00pm – 5:00pm - Hands-On (rotating sessions with morning presenters)

5:00 PM - Closing Remarks

*Coaches and Itinerary are tentative and subject to change


Building Your Ideal Sports Performance Business

Bonus Session Held on Friday 2pm-5pm

In this presentation Pat Rigsby will teach you how to position yourself in the market as a premium training provider and differentiate your business from the ever-growing number of performance solutions. You'll discover how to start attracting more of the athletes you want to train, operate a systematic and highly profitable business and finally enjoy being a business owner instead of feeling like you're owned by your business.  You're doing what it takes to offer a better service and in this session Pat will teach you how to create your ideal business around it.

The 'Building Your Ideal Sports Performance Business' Session with Pat Rigsby, is a BONUS session and is FREE during the Early Bird Registration period and will be $99 to attend after the Early Bird period ends.

Pat Rigsby

BONUS #2 - Event Recordings ($299 Value)

Complete Speed & Power Summit Recordings

It's actually the 'Best of' the Complete Speed & Power Summit, taking the best presentations and hands-on sessions from each of the 2017 events. We are recording the Summits to give to the attendees for FREE, so they can go back to review the content (as I know even if I take great notes at an event, there are still parts I forget or drills I don't quite remember how they were performed). These recordings may be available later for sale to those that can't attend, but the cost will be around $399 and will only be available for a short period before we put the recordings of the 2017 event back in the vault.